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The Connection Between Posture and Headaches

Man with headacheJune is Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, and as your partner in natural health, we’re here to help you find relief and understand the factors that contribute to your discomfort.

If you find yourself frequently battling headaches or migraines, you’re not alone. While many factors can contribute to these painful episodes, one often-overlooked culprit is poor posture.

The Posture-Headache Connection

When we spend long hours hunched over our desks, staring at screens, or even lounging on the couch, our posture tends to suffer. Poor posture, especially when sitting or standing for extended periods, can lead to tension in the neck, shoulders, and back. This tension can cause muscle strain and lack of movement in the spine, which in turn, may lead to headaches.

The spine is a crucial part of our nervous system, and any fixation of the spine can interfere with nerve signals, potentially leading to headaches. By maintaining proper posture, we can help ensure that our spine is aligned and moving properly, reducing the likelihood of headaches and promoting overall well-being.

Posture-Correcting Exercises

The good news is there are simple exercises and adjustments you can incorporate into your daily routine to improve your posture and potentially reduce headaches. Here are a few to get you started:

Chin Tucks: Sit or stand up straight. Gently tuck your chin in towards your chest, creating a double chin. Hold for 5 seconds and repeat 10 times. This exercise helps strengthen the neck muscles and promotes better alignment.

Shoulder Blade Squeezes: Sit or stand with your back straight. Squeeze your shoulder blades together, holding for 5 seconds before releasing. Repeat 10 times. This movement helps open up the chest and reduces tension in the upper back and shoulders.

Wall Angels: Stand with your back against a wall, feet shoulder-width apart. Raise your arms to form a “W” shape with your elbows bent and pressed against the wall. Slowly move your arms up to form a “Y” shape, then return to the “W” position. Repeat 10 times. Wall angels are great for improving shoulder mobility and posture.

Posture Check-ins: Set a reminder on your phone or computer to check your posture every hour. Ensure that your ears are aligned with your shoulders and your back is straight. Making these small adjustments throughout the day can make a big difference.

Book a Visit for More Help

While these exercises are a great starting point, sometimes we need a little extra help to get our posture back on track. Dr. Bigby at Affinity Chiropractic care can help maintain proper movement of the spine for proper posture, potentially mitigating headaches and reducing nervous system interference.

If you’re tired of dealing with frequent headaches or migraines, we’re here to help. Book a visit with our practice to learn more about how proper posture and spinal alignment can contribute to headache relief.

Let’s work together to get you on the path to a headache-free life!

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