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Cold Laser Therapy in Klamath Falls

Cold laser therapy can be a very beneficial technique for clients experiencing chronic pain or episodes of extreme pain. It can also be useful when clients are having trouble healing, or have hit a plateau and are no longer progressing.

Laser therapy on armHow It Works

Also called low-level light therapy, this modality directs safe levels of certain wavelengths of light deep into the affected tissues. There, the light reacts at a cellular level, causing cells to produce more energy and communicate better with other cells. The process also stimulates circulation, which delivers more healing nutrients to the area.

When we laser a damaged joint, we are lasering the nerve roots associated with that joint. In this way, all the cells involved in your pain or dysfunction experience increased circulation, decreased pain, and better cellular healing and communication. This may also help restore optimal movement to the damaged joints, preventing your symptoms from returning.

At Affinity Chiropractic, we offer cold laser as part of your overall care plan, with your chiropractic adjustments. This combination has been effective in helping some of our clients with chronic pain conditions.

What to Expect

This type of laser is called cold laser because, unlike other types of medical lasers, it does not produce any heat. Therefore, there is no risk of burn or any other side effects. The therapy lasts from 2 to 6 minutes, depending on the area worked on, and most people don’t feel anything while we use the laser. Some people experience a pleasantly warm sensation, which is the result of increased circulation in the area.

Many clients experience some relief after just one session, but a series of a few sessions typically offers the best results.

Schedule Today

Insurance does not cover cold laser therapy, so there is a separate fee for this service. Contact us today to learn more about it, or to book your first appointment.

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