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Constipation Frustration? Consider Chiropractic for Your Child

baby adjsutmentChronic constipation in children can be a distressing condition, affecting their well-being and quality of life. As parents, it is essential to recognize the signs, understand the underlying causes, and explore effective care options for your child’s relief and well-being.

The digestive process, like many other bodily functions, is intricately connected to the nervous system. The proper movement of the digestive tract depends on the coordination of nerves that control this process. When subluxations, or misalignments, occur in the spine, the nerves responsible for regulating digestion may malfunction, leading to chronic constipation.

Recognizing the Signs of a Larger Issue

Apart from the obvious signs of hard stool and bowel movement difficulties, there are other indications that the back and low back might be involved. For instance, if a potty-trained child suddenly starts having accidents after being accident-free for years, it could be a red flag. Inconsistent bowel movements followed by unexpected accidents may indicate that the nerves controlling the digestive process are not functioning properly.

Moreover, consistent complaints of pain unrelated to specific activities or injuries might be indicative of a more significant underlying issue. Paying attention to your child’s pain patterns and seeking professional evaluation can help distinguish between normal growing pains and potential red flags that require further attention.

Tailored Chiropractic Care for Children

Chiropractic adjustments can effectively relieve chronic constipation. Dr. Jane Bigby provides tailored treatment plans to meet each child’s unique needs. Factors such as age, size, and activity level play a role in determining the appropriate adjustment techniques. She may provide a buffered adjustment with the Activator® instrument for smaller children, while older children may benefit from adjustments at lower settings.

The Role of Posture and a Healthy Lifestyle

Parents should also pay attention to their child’s posture, both during everyday activities and sports. Observing any signs of favoring one side, altered gait, or imbalances in hip and shoulder height or rotation can help identify misalignments that chiropractic care can address effectively.

Encouraging regular physical activity, limiting excessive screen time, and maintaining a balanced diet that includes fiber are also essential components of creating a healthy lifestyle for children. By promoting a holistic approach, parents can empower their children to develop healthy habits that support optimal well-being and digestive health.

Young Patient Success Stories

Every day, we find it rewarding to help patients of all ages, especially our youngest ones. Dr. Jane was able to help two kids–a boy and a girl–who faced challenges with constipation. They both struggled with infrequent bowel movements and when they would have one, often it was an accident.

After their initial adjustment, along with dietary modifications and gradually spacing out their visits, the parents witnessed a remarkable improvement. These adjustments allowed their bodies to adapt and respond positively, while the dietary changes, such as incorporating more fiber, played a significant role in enhancing their overall well-being.

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